'Dexter' is Coming Back!!

America's favorite serial killer, Dexter, is coming back to Showtime!

The Emmy-winning series, which follows Dexter Morgan - a sociopathic forensics expert who murders people as a side hustle - ended after 8 seasons in 2013. The finale, which at the time was Showtime's highest rated episode EVER, was largely viewed as a disappointing and sloppy end to an otherwise beloved series.

And now it seems that they're ready to remedy the situation

There are no details currently - we're not sure if the series will pick up where it left off or jump into the future - but we do know that Michael C. Hall WILL return as the title character, and it'll air sometime in Fall of 2021.

Honestly, this year has sucked, but a Dexter revival is just what we needed. Now if only Breaking Bad would make a comeback too......

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