For The First Time Ever, Pancake Pantry Is Open For Dinner

It's been a brutal year for the restaurant industry, and one in which even iconic culinary destinations have struggled to keep the doors open amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village has been open for 60 years and has long been a breakfast and brunch mecca, but even they haven't been immune to the struggle. Earlier this year they were forced to charge a $1 COVID service fee to cover production costs and keep employees.

Now they're trying something else to keep their doors open and their employees working...and if you're a pancake fanatic this is AMAZING news.

Pancake Pantry is gonna be open for dinner.

Getty Images/American Media

That's right, for the first time in it's 60 year history - pancake pantry will hold limited dinner hours. They're also adding to their menu some good ol' Southern comfort food - meatloaf, steak, and country fried porkchops and sides. But of COURSE you'll be able to get their legendary breakfast and lunch items throughout the day.

The restaurant will maintain its normal 6am-3pm hours on Monday through Wednesday, but will extend until 9pm with dinner service Thursday through Sunday. It's yet to be seen if the move will be permanent, so get to Hillsboro Village and EAT LOCAL this holiday season.

Pancakes for dinner? Sign me up.

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