Legendary Nashville Burger Joint Closes Its Doors

The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal to the restaurant and bar industry, and it's just claimed another Nashville victim...and this one hurts.

Rotier's, the hometown burger joint that's been in the shadow of Vanderbilt University since it opened on Elliston Place in 1945, will not remain in business, according to a recent article from The Tennessean

Known for it's homey atmosphere and legendary French bread hamburgers, Rotier's has been family owned and operated for 75 years, and has enjoyed the presence of countless celebrities including Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and more. It's also been featured in numerous Food Network lists and shows over the years.

The restaurant was already struggling with COVID-19 restrictions and capacities since last March, and when the owners of the building chose not to renew the lease, that marked the end of an era.

While I candidly didn't make it to Rotier's as often as I would've liked, it was the first restaurant I ate at whenever I moved to Nashville in 2015. It's one of my boss's favorite spots in town, and it was easy to see why.

While the restaurant will no longer be open on Elliston Place, current owners aren't ruling out a possible new location. The old-school furniture that was part of the charm of the current location isn't being sold, but put into storage, and they'll be on the hunt for a new location that might make sense to re-open. But for now, RIP to Rotier's - another piece of Nashville history taken by the current state of the world.

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