Big Local Retailer in East Nashville Closing Up Shop

COVID has been brutal on the retail industry, and it's claimed yet another local small business, although this one will remain open in a different location.

Nashville-based merchandise and philanthropy outlet Project615 announced on their Instagram that it would be closing it's doors on it's original East Nashville location at the Fatherland Shoppes. The final day for the store will be this coming Saturday.

In an Instagram post just a little after noon on Thursday, they laid out their plans to close

We are sad to announce that Saturday will be the last day that our Eastside store will be open at the Fatherland Shoppes.
COVID has been tough on everybody, especially the local retail industry…but we feel that taking a step back now will allow us to take a giant leap forward very soon!
Our main store in The Nation’s will continue to be open 7 days a week and will hold all of our most current designs and core collections. We look forward to seeing you visit our Westside store and stay tuned for exciting future announcements! Continue to Spread Love, Nashville.

The company has been through an array of changes over the last twelve months, including accusations of racist/sexist employment practices and an ownership change which stemmed from those accusations. Project615 opened in 2010 as a Nashville-centric apparel company that uses sales from their merch to create awareness and fund local causes such as homelessness, poverty, and inequality. They've also been instrumental in raising money for victims of the March 3rd tornado and businesses affected by the Christmas Day bombing. The organization was bough by local talent manager Ryan Kroon in 2020, and has donated nearly a million dollars since 2010 to world-changing causes and local non-profits, according to their website.

The Nations location, which will remain open at 1404 51st Ave N.

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