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Would You Eat Froot Loops Pizza?

I've been drunk a lot. I've craved weird foods at 3am. Never...NEVER...could I have ever imagined anyone craving this, but here we are in 2021.

A pizza shop in Des Moines, Iowa called Fong's Pizza is selling...wait for it...


Just to be clear, this is crust....cheese...and Froot Loops.

People are actually debating whether or not this tastes good.

Like this gentleman who thinks it might be "distinct and interesting"

This person who's asking questions that make me think he would actually dare insert this into his mouth

Others, who are clearly more reasonable human beings, see the absolute horror in this plate of goop.

And still others think that Iowa should be punished for this travesty, perhaps with consequences of a political nature

Hopefully, all Tennesseans can agree that THIS IS NOT A PIZZA. #SorryNotSorry #CancelFrootLoopsPizza

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