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You Can Become A Millionaire Hunting Bigfoot

Think Bigfoot is real? (I don't).

Think you can catch him? (No, because he's not real).

Well, if you want to prove me wrong and become a Bigfoot hunter, the State of Oklahoma is willing to give you $2.1 million to capture the legendary creature.

Getty Images/RichVintage

Oklahoma has long been at the center of Bigfoot sightings and conspiracies, and the state is looking to cash in on people travelling there for the thrill of the hunt.

The state hopes that the bounty will attract tourists on the lookout for Bigfoot, and they're hoping for businesses along one of the state highways (259A, which is near huge nature area) to sell Bigfoot hunting permits and merchandise. Profits from those sales would stay in local communities.

Oklahoma ranks 9th in America in Bigfoot sightings, and many experts believe this rural area would be 'Squatch's most likely hiding spot.

So, is $2.1 million enough to make you go to Oklahoma and go Bigfoot hunting?

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