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Woman On TikTok Says We Should Be Sitting On The Toilet Backwards

A woman on TikTok is going viral for telling us that we're all using the bathroom wrong.

Creator @amyywoahh says that the best way to poop is sitting on the toilet backwards.

Specifically, she says "grab your favorite snacks and your favorite show, and that's how you poop".


That is not how you poop. Have you never heard the phrase "Don't s*** where you eat"? You're LITERALLY DOING THAT. You don't need snacks in the bathroom!

I wish she was joking, but she's literally eating potato chips watching a TV show while using the back of the toilet as a shelf while she poops!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

Do ya business and get out. This ain't snack time.

The video has been shared 16,000 times and liked nearly half a million. Has anyone ever done this before?

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