LEGO Sculptures Coming to Nashville's Cheekwood in May

Cheekwood in springtime is already a pretty great place to go, but if you needed another reason maybe 800,000 LEGO bricks will do the trick for you.

Sean Kenney's Nature POP! Exhibit opens at Cheekwood May 1st with over 40 nature-themed sculptures made entirely out of LEGO.

Made of over 800,000 bricks, the exhibit features LEGO animals, plants, and insects scattered around the gardens and will be open all summer (through September 5th).

"Kenney’s work blurs the boundaries between austere and the everyday, drawing from a belief that everything is interconnected," information from Cheekwood's website reads. His work "explores the beauty of nature through highly stylized, colorful displays that stand in striking contrast with their surroundings."

Cheekwood is still following COVID protocols, and tickets must be reserved in advance here

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