To-Go Alcohol Is Here To Stay in Nashville

The past 13 months have sucked. COVID sucks. The shutdowns sucked. Virtual everything sucked. But, maybe, sometime in the future, we can all tell our kids that the great COVID-19 pandemic brought about one silver lining: alcohol to-go.

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, when restaurants' dine-in options were either completely shuttered or extremely limited, the state government temporarily allowed the sale of to-go alcohol as a way to help those businesses keep that money coming in.

And, although we're starting to dig out of this thing and return to normalcy, to-go alcohol is here to stay.

Getty Images

This doesn't quite mean Broadway turning into Bourbon Street with open containers up and down the street. But it does mean that if you want to order carryout from a restaurant, you can purchase an alcoholic beverage and take it with you - previously not allowed prior to COVID.

So yes, in 2040 when I'm buying a to-go margarita from Chili's, I'll be able to tell my kids that COVID made it happen.

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