Nashville Influencer Goes Viral on TikTok With The Best Trend

Body positivity is such an important message in 2021. Let's face it, some of us got in great shape through quarantine. And others...::looks in mirror::...perhaps ate a bit too much pizza over the last year.

But a local influencer on TikTok is trying to buck a disturbing trend facing people - women, especially - of not eating on a date/public setting so their outfit fits perfectly.

@claraandherself started posting videos showcasing her outfits both before and after a meal, to show that it's a totally normal thing to have a little belly when your stomach is full.

Bloating after a meal is totally normal, and you definitely shouldn't deprive yourself of a meal for fear of how your outfit or your Instagram may look.

And while others have picked up on this specific trend, Clara's TikTok is full of messages about body positivity and messages about how social media has created such a toxic desire for perfection.

Clara's got nearly 900,000 followers on TikTok and I love that THIS is going viral from Nashville instead of idiots eating old meat to get high.

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