Viral Mom on TikTok Pays Daughter For Hobbies, Not Chores

TikTok user @Destini.ann is a single mom gaining notoriety for her parenting hacks and "positive discipline," and one of her recent videos is grabbing headlines for a seemingly outside-the-box "allowance" mechanism.

As a parent of a pre-K kid, we're starting to get into chores and responsibilities, and like many parents, we set up an allowance for every chore - a nickel for making his bed, a dime for cleaning up his toys, etc.

But Destini DOESN'T pay her daughter for chores - she pays her for hobbies. Wanna get into gymnastics? Cool, she gets paid to do it. Wants to study about space? Yep, she can get paid for that too. It's interesting, but in a way it sort of makes sense, right? Reward your kid for being passionate and interested about something, not just for doing menial tasks around the house.

The other obvious argument here is that you want your kid to also learn basic responsibilities, and paying them for those chores rewards them for them, but do you think she's onto something here? Would you rather reward your kids for their passion?

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