You Can Now Buy Hattie B's Chicken Skin Chips

Nashville's most famous food is getting the snack treatment. A company called flock, which makes fried chicken skin chips, has partnered with Hattie B's to make a "hot chicken skin chip", and honestly this sounds amazing!!

The idea behind flock is that they're a keto-friendly snack that looks and tastes like a potato chip, but has almost no carbs and a ton of protein. One bag of Hattie B's Chicken Skin Chips has 190 calories and 13 grams of protein, but only 1 gram of carbs. Plus, I think we can all agree that the skin is the best part of the chicken so you know they taste AWESOME.

It's flock's first partnership with another company, but not their first foray into chicken skin chips. Their website also sells regular-flavored, salt & vinegar, and barbecue chicken skin chips, along with a carb-free panko bread crumb mix.

Wanna buy Hattie B's Chicken Skin Chips? Well, an 8-pack will set you back $26, but you can buy them from flock's website here

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