Nashville Is Getting A New Theme Park!!

Opryland U.S.A. closed in 1997 and made way for Opry Mills Mall.

Since then, Nashville has been without a mainstream theme park attraction. Dollywood grew in Pigeon Forge. Kentucky Kingdom re-opened in Louisville. Holiday World continued to expand in Indiana. But in Nashville? Nothing.

But that's FINALLY set to change, as developers announced Storyville Gardens - an interactive theme park with attractions inspired by books and stories from around the world.

Using a mix of modern technology and show-based entertainment, the goal is bring stories to life and re-connect children with the joy of reading. Elde and DeLisa Guerrier, who own a real estate development and investment firm in town, are leading the charge to bring Storyville Gardens to life. “Middle Tennessee continues to experience an economic boom, and young families move have every day," she says. "However, Nashville and the surrounding counties are missing family-friendly entertainment options for our children. Storyville Gardens will provide that option while also helping parents and care givers instill a love of reading in their children.”

The site for the theme park hasn't been selected yet, but they hope to break ground sometime in 2022. The property will be home to not only the park, but hotels, retail, and dining and entertainment options. Storyland Studios, which has designed attractions for Universal Studios, Disney, and Legoland among others, will be designing the park.

Check out these renderings - are you excited for a new theme park in Nashville!?!

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