Remember Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit? He looks...different

Anyone over the age of 21 remembers Limp Bizkit. I mean, come on, as much as you look back at the early 2000s and hate yourself for liking them, you knew EVERY word to "Nookie" (even if you didn't know what it meant), "Faith", and "Rollin"....and were surprised that Fred could actually sort of sing when he did a cover of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes".

It was the peak of TRL on MTV, so you saw the videos everywhere, and Fred Durst became an icon.

Los Angeles Premiere of The Matrix Reloaded

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I mean it was a whole look, right? The backwards New Era cap. The white t-shirt. THAT was the Fred Durst look.

And the dude was everywhere. He hung out with Paris Hilton. He dated Carmen Electra. And let's not forget this...the most early 2000s picture to exist on the internet, featuring Durst, Kid Rock, and Carson Daly. LOL.

Fred Durst, Carson Daly and Kid Rock

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Well, Fred Durst suddenly re-surfaced on Instagram last week, looking sort of like your dad attempting to have an Instagram aesthetic.

Then, just to prove it's not a joke, he shared a picture of him with his son Dallas in Chicago...rocking an even more dad look of Vans with high white socks and khakis

And then, to top it all off, showed up at Lollapalooza over the weekend rocking THIS look

So, first of all, it's relatively obvious there's some kind of a stunt here. I'm not ENTIRELY sure that's Fred Durst's real hair, and the Khakis and Vans look is just too silly and obvious to be real. So either a) Fred Durst has completely gone off the crazy train or b) Limp Bizkit is making a comeback.

There's about a 50% chance of either one of those things happening. Stay tuned.

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