Nashville Public Schools To Require Masks In Classrooms

With the school year quickly approaching and COVID-19 cases in the Nashville area trending upward, the Metro Nashville Public Schools board has voted to require students to wear masks in the classroom.


Photo: Getty Images

A special board meeting was called yesterday where board members discussed the rising cases and new CDC recommendations as the Delta variant spreads, and the Director of Schools asked the board to consider a mask mandate.

The vote was not unanimous, as some board members expressed concern for the mask mandate, a desire to maintain normalcy for children, and challenges of children not being able to see mouths when learning how to read.

However, the vote passed, and MNPS becomes the first public school board in the mid-state to require facial coverings in the classroom. Other school districts, many of which start school this week, are mask-optional at this time.

Read the full article from Fox 17 Nashville here

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