This House Is Proof That Nashville Real Estate Is Out Of Control

It's no secret that the already insane Nashville housing market has gone through the roof during the pandemic. With remote employment becoming more prominent and lots of New Yorkers and Californians leaving for a state with no income tax, houses that were already high-priced have become downright unaffordable.

I bought my house brand new in 2019. If I sold it today, I'd make a $250,000 profit. But then again, where would I move?

Well, maybe I could buy this home that just went on the market in North Nashville. It's huge, nearly 3,100 square feet. There's a storage shed and a detached apartment behind the house. And it's near downtown Nashville for only $427,000. What a steal in today's climate, right??

Wait, I should probably mention that it's gutted. Unfinished. The walls are down to their studs. Is there a ton of potential here? Absolutely. Does it look right now like the house is going to fall apart any second? Also yes.

Here's a link to the property

FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!? Nashville is out of control, ya'll.

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