A Taco Bell Subscription Could Be Available Soon

There's no question we're in the golden age of subscriptions. From streaming services to clothes to pet supplies, we subscribe to everything. So what's another ten bucks for a subscription to tacos?

Taco Bell has been testing out a subscription service in a couple of markets (not Nashville yet), where for a flat fee ($5 to $10 depending on where you are), you get a code that you can redeem every day for one free taco off their menu.

Taco Bell restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

So the question is - is it worth it?

Well, I did the math. The average taco on Taco Bell's menu is $1.59. Some are cheaper, some are a little higher, but for argument's sake let's go with that number. If the subscription costs 10 bucks, it would take you 7 visits per month to get your money's worth out of it. That's not unreasonable - it's really twice a week. But to really make it a "deal," you'd have to go to Taco Bell a LOT. For example, if you went to Taco Bell and redeemed your code every single day for a month, you'd be getting about fifty bucks worth of tacos (subtract the cost of the antacids you'll have to take afterwards).

Obviously, Taco Bell's hope is that the subscription gets you in the door more often, where you're probably going to buy more than one taco, because let's face it...no one buys just one. But if you're a frequent taco eater, that 10 bucks a month might make sense just to save you a little bit of money on your habits. Me personally? Well, I do love Taco Bell, but twice a week seems like a commitment I'm not ready to make.

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