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Woman Tells Parents She's A Stripper...With a Powerpoint

Telling your parents you're a stripper can't be a very comfortable experience for anyone, especially when they were raised in a very conservative, religious household.

But that's exactly what a woman named Lexi the most unorthodox way possible. She sat her parents down and told them...via Powerpoint.

stripper on stage

Photo: Getty Images

The whole presentation was filmed on TikTok by Lexi's sister, Sami. She started the presentation with a slide outlining that it affected here and only her, and did not mean that she was pregnant, in danger, or anything other than doing something for herself.

She even included a FAQ slide, laying out "why" she chose to be a stripper, if there are any other dangers, and if she is doing any other kind of sex work (the answer is no). Lexi tells her parents that dancing empowers her and helps her heal from past trauma, teaches her a new skill (pole dancing), plus it's a totally legitimate business opportunity that she pays taxes on...and she does well at it.

So how do you think her parents reacted?'d be surprised...they TOTALLY support her!

Her mom says "You're powerful. I'm surprised how proud I am. And according to Lexi, her dad just wanted to make sure she was making good money doing it.

What do you think your parents would have said with this kind of presentation? Check out Lexi's entire presentation below!

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