Nashville High School Takes Stand Against Party Buses

Nashville's 'transpotainment' industry has been all over the news lately, as the return of bachelorette parties and tourism has led to even more party buses, party tractors, and similar vehicles on the streets of downtown Nashville. The industry really came under scrutiny after a man fell off a party bus this summer and was run over by the same vehicle. Since then, Nashville citizens and politicians have been pushing hard for regulation of the industry and restrictions on everything from the number of vehicles to specific routes and even the abolition of drinking on those vehicles.

While nothing is set in stone, a local high school is joining the fight. Hume-Fogg Academic School, which is located in a historic building ON Broadway, is fed up and calling for change.

The "Hume Fogg for Peaceful Learning" student group posed a press conference and protest outside the school earlier this afternoon. Armed with signs and a message of "We deserve to learn in peace," students report hearing noise from party buses several times a week, even during standardized testing like the ACT.

Another student says students have been flashed, yelled at, and even had things thrown at them by partygoers. A teacher documented a time where she had to stop her lesson 38 times in a 5 hour day because of the noise of party buses driving by.

The organization has even launched an Instagram page to share the distractions.

And here's a picture of students asking for a change after school today.

It's got to be annoying to be attending classes and being constantly interrupted by woo girls...should one of the regulations be that the party vehicles have to detour around the school?

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