Your Own Schitt's Creek? You Can Own A Town Near Nashville

If you can afford to buy a house in Nashville, you can probably afford to by the town of Water Valley.

It's a tiny historic town in Maury County, founded in 1880 just off the Natchez Trace along Leiper's Creek. And it's for sale.

Photo: Circa Old Houses

The town sits on 7 acres and, according to the listing, includes 4 historic general stores, a stock barn, and a couple of apartments. Two of the buildings have updated wiring and plumbing and can be turned into a commercial or residential project. Plus you're right there off the Natchez Trace in a BEAUTIFUL part of Tennessee.

Oh, and the best part?

It's not as expensive as you might think. For $725,000, the whole town is yours. That's less than a lot of houses in the area. So if you're up for fixing up, ya know, a WHOLE TOWN...what a cool way to do it!

Check out the listing and place your bid on Water Valley here

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