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Here Are Ten Famous Horror Movie Locations That You Can Visit IRL

It's spooky season, and that means classic horror movies are all over our TVs and streaming platforms. And since many of these films were filmed on location, some of your favorite Hollywood haunts are actually pretty easy to find in real life. So if you're up for a little road trip, check out these spots!

The Myers' House from Halloween

Not too far from Hollywood itself, you can see the house that made Michael Myers in the original Halloween film. It's not in Haddonfield, Illinois, but instead in South Pasadena, California. A small neighborhood tucked behind a busy retail area makes for a pretty spooky Instagram picture, and thousands of people each year make the trek to the #myershouse to check it out, and with the new Halloween Kills move I'd expect that even more.

Night of the Living Dead Cemetery

While there are no known zombie sightings at Evans Park Cemetery in Evans City, Pennsylvania, it absolutely is a real cemetery. And while I find it questionable to call a cemetery an Instagram stop, fans of the O.G. zombie flick certainly do make the trip to the tiny town outside of Pittsburgh for a photo op.

The Exorcist Steps

One of my favorite scary movies of all time is The Exorcist, and that iconic staircase scene is filmed right in the heart of Washington D.C. Located near Georgetown University, the "Exorcist Steps" were designated a Historic Landmark in 2019 and attract thousands of horror fans every year

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

Located in the Austin suburb of Bastrop, Texas, you probably can't really get barbecue there, but you can stop for a photo op inspired by the 1974 classic...complete with the rusty old car and a monument to the movie.

Oak Alley Plantation from Interview With A Vampire

A national historic landmark that's still open for tours in Vacherie, Louisiana, you can stand where Brad Pitt stood in Interview with A Vampire, long before vampires sparkled and had teenage romances years later. The gorgeous mansion has a gift shop and restaurant inside along with cottages you can stay the night in on the grounds, in case you want the full vampire experience

Crystal Lake Diner from Friday the 13th

No, it's not called the Crystal Lake Diner but there are plenty of Jason references at the Blairstown Diner in Blairstown, New Jersey. Stop by for the slasher burger or "Jason's favorite", and of course the all important Instagram photo in front of the famous spot

Dr. Frank-n-furter's Castle from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Do the time warp in front of Oakley Court, which was not only used in RHPS, but it's facade was also featured in a few 50's horror movies including the 1958 adaptation of Dracula. It's actually a hotel now in Windsor, United Kingdom, and it's quite fancy

THE BRAMFORD from Rosemary's Baby

Not sure how many hardcore Rosemary's Baby fans are out there, but it's certainly a classic horror movie, and Rosemary's apartment building (in the movie called The Bramford) is actually in New York City. It's an apartment building called the Dakota, located in Central Park West. It's probably more well-known as the apartment where John Lennon lived and was shot in front of. In fact, the Strawberry Fields Memorial to the Beatles' front man is located right next to the building.

Blair Witch Project forest

Not really a surprise that a forest is accessible to the public, and because of the way the Blair Witch Project was filmed, it's not like there's going to be an iconic shot you can recreate here. But if you just want to be where the film was made, it's in Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland. And, film scene or not, it's actually just a downright beautiful spot.

Schoolhouse from The Birds

If you want to go really old school and explore some sets from the father of horror Alfred Hitchcock, you can still find the iconic school house from The Birds, the Potter Schoolhouse, in the tiny unincorporated town of Bodega, California, near Wine Country.

And speaking of Hitchcock movies, while it's not just a random real location, the Bates house from Psycho is still standing on the Universal lot, and is a popular stop on tours of the studio lot. In fact, Jamie Lee Curtis stopped and grabbed a selfie in front of it to honor her mother Janet Leigh.

So there ya go! While none of these locations are close to Nashville at all, horror movie buffs will be happy to know that there are plenty of film-inspired photo shoots you can enjoy. Happy Spooky SZN!

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