[WATCH] Woman on TikTok Tells You Why You Should Have Sex On The First Date

Eve Culling is going viral on TikTok with a video about WHY you should absolutely, every time, have sex on the first date. Her reasons? Well, basically, you don't want to actually like someone before you find out that they're pretty messed up in bed.

She outlines a recent experience where she was dating a guy for a while. The first time they had sex, his um...bedroom talk didn't exactly match up with her expectations.

'Yeah, yeah, you want me to get you pregnant? You want me to put a baby in you so everyone knows you're mine?!'"

WHAT!?!? Like, in what world is that an attractive thing to say the first time you sleep with someone?

After the TikTok went viral with over 25 million views, Eve did an interview with Buzzfeed elaborating on her stance about first date sex. She says "make sure there isn't anything major that you aren't okay with."

Check out the viral TikTok below (Warning: NSFW language)

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