Here's The Best Time to Check Out Fall Foliage in Tennessee

Fall has arrived, and that means fall foliage in our beautiful state. And while you're probably seeing a few patches of color, for the most part peak foliage season hasn't quite arrived.

SmokyMountains.Com has a great fall foliage map for the entire country that identifies the best time to get those perfect autumnal Instagram shots.

As of today, most of Tennessee falls into the "partial" to "near peak" category, with a little swatch of East Tennessee boasting peak foliage. The next two weeks, however, are the time to get out and explore! Next week will mark peak foliage for most of eastern Tennessee, whereas peak season in Nashville is the week of November 1st. By November 8th, all of Tennessee will be slightly past peak and by the middle of November everything is pretty brown.

So with the nice weather and the great views, get out there and explore Percy Warner Park, Radnor Lake, the Natchez Trace, or your favorite outdoor destinations!

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