This Dad Got Out Of Prison...And Did a Tik Tok Dance With His Daughter

A dance teacher in Utah, 28-year old Justine Tuckett, is going viral for the greatest of reasons. She went to pick up her dad from prison - where he'd been for 22 years for killing his stepfather in 1999 - and immediately filmed a Tik Tok dance with him.

It wasn't her idea. Bill Lorrance, who had been in California Medical Facility for decades, was aware of TikTok through news reports, though he has never touched a smartphone and had no idea how to use it. He knew his daughter loved to dance, and while he missed all of her dance recitals as a kid, he hoped to make up for lost time with a choreographed number. And it's AMAZING.

Words can not express the emotions and feelings I’v had this week. Picking up my Father from prison after 22 years was amazing.
When I was younger every time I blew out my birthday candles 🎂 I would wish that he would get out of prison…until I was old enough to realize that he wasn’t going to be wished back to me.
My Dad put in the work everyday, he is unrecognizable from the person he use to be before prison. Some resilient people CAN be reformed. Some people DESERVE to re-enter society again. Some WILL embrace their children, grandchildren, and family one again. Someone like my Dad. 💕

Says Tuckett in an Instagram reel that's been viewed over 400,000 times. She's been inundnated with questions since the video went viral, and has gone on to answer a lot of them with a video series in the last few days. She's gone on Instagram Live with her dad, who's currently in a 6-month transitional program.

Those questions range from "Why a Tik Tok dance" to her dad's incarceration story and how Justine and her father maintained their relationship over the years.

While not everyone is quick to forgive Lorrance for his crimes, most of the comments are very supportive and showcase the ability of some people to reform themselves!

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