Do You Have "Smartphone Pinky"?

We all spend waaaay too much time on our smartphones. That's a given. But how much damage is it doing to your health to be glued to it for hours every day?

Well, the good news is....maybe not as much as you think. At least, when it comes to your pinky.

Last month, a tweet sent us all into a tizzy...about smartphone pinky.

250,000 likes later, people started noticing the indentation in their pinky, presumably from holding your phone all the time.

Well, the good news is, according to a Buzzfeed interview with a physician in NYC...there's not really a medical condition called "smartphone pinky". She does say the weight of the phone could be causing that indentation, but there's no nerve damage taking place there. That said, there's lots of other things that can happen when you hold your phone a lot. Trigger finger and tenosynovitis (a sore wrist) are both pretty common ailments associated with heavy phone use.

But don't sweat your pinky. It's fine!

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