10-Year Old Bullied For Halloween Costume...But He Comes Back Strong!!

Halloween was last weekend, and that means every school in America (almost) had some kind of a Halloween party...maybe even with costumes.

That was no different for Evan, a 10-year old who wanted to go to school dressed as Tony Stark.

That's right, he didn't go as Iron Man...he wanted to go as the pre-superhero genius behind Iron Man. And honestly, it looked awesome.

Apparently, the day didn't go as well as Evan had hoped though. His mom shared on Facebook that her son was bullied for his costume, told that it looked stupid, and made fun of for it so much that he immediately washed the goatee off his face in the bathroom at school. When the school called, his mom came to pick up her crying 10-year old, and took him to Starbucks to talk through how he was feeling.

The post was shared over 250,000 times, prompting words of encouragement for Evan and his mom.

The good news is, after talking it through, Evan decided he didn't want to miss his Halloween party. So he got his make-up redone, hitched a ride back to school, and finished the day out as Tony Stark!

Bullying is never cool, and words HURT people. If you want to send a note of encouragement to 10-year old Evan, they've set up a PO Box in their hometown in Missouri. Let's all show him that the bullies can't win!

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