Arby's French Fry Vodka Is Coming

If you've ever been eating Arby's curly fries and thought "man, I really wish they would make a booze that tastes like this," well you're in luck. Arby's is temporarily entering the alcohol space just in time for the holidays, with french fry-inspired vodka.

In a partnership with Tattersall Distilling Company and Surdyk's Liquor, the fast food giant is releasing two flavors of vodka - inspired by their new crinkle-cut fries and of course their world famous curly fries.

Now before you think "oh, that's gross," remember vodka is a potato-based alcohol anyway, so french fry vodka isn't a stretch at all. Count me in.

They'll officially drop on November 18th along with a handful of Arby's-inspired cocktail recipes, on the official website. They claim that supplies will be extremely limited, but if you miss out on a bottle on release date, they'll release a second batch a few days later on November 22nd.

Bottles will be $59.99 each.

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