Would You Wear "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Crocs?

Crocs are known for being comfortable...but not necessarily attractive. The clunky clog has roared back into popularity over the last couple of years thanks to a rash of celebrity collaborations and their rediscovery from a generation that didn't learn from previous generation's mistakes.

And now, an answer to the question no one asked....how do you make Crocs even more atrocious?

By making them look like Ugly Christmas Sweaters. That's how.

Yep, it's a real thing. Christmas Sweater Crocs. For $65, you can put that God awful Christmas sweater on your feet and wear them around town.

There are two versions of Sweater Crocs - a red one lined with white fuzz and a white one with a wreath-like trim. And of course, both come with holiday-themed Jibbitz charms like snowflakes, snowmen, and reindeer.

If this is your thing...well, no judgment here (at least not publicly). Check out Holiday Crocs here.

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