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Could Toll Lanes Be Coming to Nashville?

Your morning commute could get potentially more expensive. There's no question that traffic in Nashville is a bit of a mess thanks to a substantial population increase and a lack of reliable public transportation, and as businesses open back up and commutes return to normal pre-pandemic times, there are studies being done on how to improve the traffic flow coming into Nashville.

One solution? Toll roads. Well, High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes, if you will.

Vanderbilt, TSU, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation are studying whether or not transitioning HOV lanes to HOT lanes would help alleviate some of the current bottlenecking on interstates.

Traffic Jam

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HOV Lanes currently exist on I-65, I-24, and I-40, and are designed to encourage carpooling. They are supposed to be occupied only by vehicles with two or more persons in the car, although that rule is rarely followed and difficult to enforce.

Under the proposed change, that left lane would be converted to a toll lane that you could pay a fee on in order to bypass normal interstate traffic. My guess is that it would be modeled sort of like the express lanes going into Atlanta. It would take a lot of moving parts to change the HOV lanes into HOT lanes, however, as Tennessee is by law a "no-toll" state, so this would take months if not years to go into effect.

Would you pay a toll or a monthly fee to use an express lane on your commute every day?

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