Thanksgiving Leftovers For Your Dog? Avoid These Things

Veterinarians say pet owners should double-check before sharing any Thanksgiving leftovers with their furry friends. The SPCA has released a list of common Thanksgiving foods that are generally safe to share with pets.

On the acceptable list:

  • Turkey, as long as it's boneless and well-cooked
  • Vegetables, especially sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin

No-nos for pets include:

  • Raw bread dough
  • Dessert containing raw eggs or chocolate
  • Dishes with cheese, sour cream, onions, or butter
  • Gravy
  • Dishes containing sugar (so pumpkin, good...pumpkin pie probably not)

You should also monitor the fat content of the food you're giving your pets, as some foods could cause pancreatitis.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!!

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