The Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue On I-65 Has Been Removed

A controversial statue visible from I-65 in Nashville has been removed after years of debate.

A statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was also the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, has been embroiled in controversy over the past several years. It sits on private property easily visible from I-65 just south of downtown Nashville. The owner of the property's stance has been that it's his private property, and he can display whatever he wants on it.

It's been heavily debated, and protestors even vandalized the statue with red paint in 2020.

Today, however, construction crews removed the statue.

The owner of the property, a man named Bill Dorris, died a little over a year ago, and the executor of his will ordered the statue to be removed. The flags will remain at the site, but the statue itself will be held in storage and potentially sold at a later date.

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