Will A Christmas Tree In Your Bedroom Improve Your Sex Life?

Do Christmas trees make you randier? According to a survey commissioned by Gardening Express....yes.

The survey says that one in six couples are putting Christmas trees in their bedroom and that it improves the romantic atmosphere of the room. It also claims that the smell of pine acts as an aphrodisiac, so real trees are better than fake.

Christmas tree in the room in the loft

Photo: Getty Images

One small caveat, however. The company that commissioned the survey actually specializes in selling Christmas trees, so there's a better than average chance that the findings are skewed in order to convince you to buy an extra tree.

Gardening Express director Chris Bonnett said: “It connects us with nature and reminds us of our earliest ancestors who slept and made love in the outdoors.”

Maybe there's some truth to it, but I don't believe I'll be experimenting with a bedroom tree. Do you have one? Does it set the "mood" any better?

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