Is This The Biggest Weed Brownie Ever Made?

Today is National Brownie Day! And unsurprisingly, that also includes those kind of brownies...the ones that make you a little happier than normal.

And a medical marijuna company called Bubby's Baked celebrated by baking what they claim to be the world's largest edible. It's an 850 pound weed brownie that contains 20,000 mg of THC. For context, 10mg of marijuana will get you pretty high, so you don't need much from this nearly half-ton treat to enjoy yourself.

The brownie uses 1,344 eggs, 81 pounds of flour, and a ton of sugar.

It will be split into pieces and distributed to medical patients in the Massachusetts area. While they claim it's the world's largest pot brownie (and I don't doubt it), up to this point there's been nothing from Guiness World Records about it.

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