If Your Christmas Tree Is Here, You Should Move It

If your Christmas Tree is located in front of your Wi-Fi router, it might be worth moving it somewhere else.

Have you noticed your internet lagging since you decorated for the holidays? It could be that your tree is blocking your signal. Putting anything large in front of your router can dampen your signal, especially something as big as a Christmas tree.

Personal perspective of woman's hand taking photo of a colourful Christmas tree with smartphone in the festive Christmas season

Photo: Getty Images

Now, add in shiny objects like ornaments and tinsel, and your WiFi signal can suddenly bounce off and scatter in different directions, slowing your signal down even further.

Oh, and one more tip. Plugging your tree and your router into the same outlet can slow you down too, especially if those lights twinkle or flash. So if your tree is near your router, move one of the two and stream better for the holidays!

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