In Nashville, This Amount of Money Makes You "Rich"

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau has determined what amount of money it takes to be "Rich" in many US cities, including Nashville.

The study defines "rich" as being in the Top 20% of earners among the city's 663,750 residents.

According to the data, a salary of $115,609 is considered "rich". The "ultra-rich", or top 5%, earn an average salary of $393,014.

Seems like a big number? You're not wrong, but Nashville is far from the worst. In nearly every major metropolitan area, you'd need a six figure salary to be considered rich. Only seven cities - Detroit, Milwaukee, Tucson, Memphis, Miami, El Paso, and Indianapolis, have a "minimum" income under $100,000 to be considered rich. On the contrary, San Francisco is the city where it's the hardest to be considered rich. You have to make at least $239,840 to be in the top 20% there, and the average income of the "ultra-rich" is nearly $750,000.

Nashville ranks 26th out of the top 50 metropolitan areas, with similar statistics to Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Are you considered "rich" by Nashville standards?

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