Russian Rapper Dismembered By Wife While He Was Still Alive

In the most WTF story of the year so far, a Russian rapper by the name of Andy Cartwright was dismembered by his wife after she caught him cheating with a fan.

Oh, but the kicker is that he was dismembered WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE.

His wife, Marina Kokhal, admits that she chopped his body up with a knife and a hacksaw, but claims that she didn't actually murder him. She says that he died of a drug overdose and that she dismembered him so his fans would never know he had died such an "inglorious" death.

Parts of Cartwright's body were found in a refrigerator, while others are alleged to have been fed to rats in their yard. Forensic evidence suggests that he was, in fact, still alive when the dismemberment process began and that the actual cause of death was oxygen starvation.

The wife has not been arrested yet but remains the prime suspect in the case.

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