Nashville Area Restaurant Closes Because Of "No One Wanting To Work"

Joblessness and unemployment have been a huge hot-button issue over the last 18 months, especially with inflation, a battle over minimum wage, and more opportunities to work remotely. While many business owners decry those out-of-work as "lazy," "entitled," or "mooching off the government", many of those jobless - especially millennials and Gen-Zers - blame the fact that wages at many businesses just aren't competitive.

Regardless of whose side you're on, the problem reared its head in a big way at Schlotsky's in Mount Juliet, where the store closed for the day, with this sign on the door.,

The sign says "Sorry, we are closed due to no one wanting to work."

Past that, the reasoning is pretty vague. Is it that everyone was sick and called out? Is it that you're struggling to fill shifts now that kids are back in school? Or is it a case of no one wanting to work for the wages that Schlotsky's is offering its employees?

Not sure how this will play out, but it's another example of a widening gap between employers and employees about what is needed to create a positive work environment and financial stability.

Do you agree with the business owner? Or should they self-reflect and ask WHY no one is wanting to work?

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