Passenger Caught On Airplane Texting "We Have Covid"

A Reddit thread is going viral after an airline passenger caught the woman in front of him texting that her family currently had COVID.

The picture, snapped from the row behind the passenger in question, clearly shows her texting "We have Covid...shhhh. That's why we're coming home a day (unreadable)...On the plane (unreadable).

So, first of all, shame on the woman for getting on an airplane knowingly exposing everyone around her to COVID. But, also, it's sort of sketchy for this dude to be reading the lady's texts in front of him, right? Like, there's no real reason for him to be looking at the woman's text messages, and you have to look pretty hard to actually read the words.

So, are they both wrong? Or is this Reddit user just being a Good Samaritan looking out for the health and safety of others?

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