IKEA To Launch Country's First "Pick-Up Point" in Nashville

A few years back, we all got super excited about an IKEA location opening up just outside of Nashville in Antioch, but unfortunately that never came to fruition.

But, perhaps as a consolation prize, IKEA has announced the U.S.'s first "pick-up point" location, right here in Music City.

There's not really a lot of details out about this concept, but it seems that customers will be able to shop online, and for a flat fee, have the entire order available for pick-up in Nashville. So, for us, it means instead of driving to Memphis to shop IKEA, we can shop online and pick it up right here in town.

The pick-up concept isn't new. In Canada, the Swedish retailer charges flat fees between $39 and $99 to ship to a pick-up location, depending on the spot. That means, no matter what you order, the shipping cost is the same - whether it's a recliner and some accessories or a full kitchen array.

The company says more details will be released later in 2022, but there's no word about a target date or location for the pick-up point.

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