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Does Tennessee Have the Worst Potholes in America?

Tennessee roads are notorious for being, well, not great. I-440 was finally fixed a couple of years ago after being the butt of local jokes for decades.

Now I-40 seems to be all the rage, complete with a local satire website claiming that tours under a pothole would soon be offered.

So just how bad is Tennessee's pothole situation? Surprisingly, not as awful as you would think. According to, Washington has the most pot-hole related complaints in America based on Google search trends. And three of the top 10 cities in America are in Washington - Yakima, Spokane, and Seattle.

Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, and Ohio round out the top five.

So is it all good news for TDOT? Well. no. Tennessee actually ranks #8 in searches for pothole-related complaints, putting us squarely in the Bottom 20% of the country.

Wyoming, Nevada, and Arkansas seem to be the least likely to have pothole issues.

No Tennessee city ranks in the top 10 according to the study. In fact, Nashville doesn't even rank in the top 50 cities. Only Memphis checks in on the list at #42.

Potholes are typically formed when snow and ice melts and seeps into the pavement. When it later refreezes and expands, it causes the roads to crack and a pothole to form.

Where are the worst potholes in Nashville?

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