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Dog Beds For Humans Are Here And Honestly I Think I Want One

Have you ever looked at your dog's bed and said "ya know what, I think I'd sleep in that"?

Well, if you have, good news, because a company called Plufl just came out with a dog bed for people. And it looks AWESOME.

Photo: @weareplufl

The beds can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter for $350, but they'll eventually want to sell them for $500.

They hoped to raise $25,000 for the launch, and are already well over 100k.

Now, $500 is super expensive, and you can actually buy a pretty decent mattress for that. So I was skeptical. But then I was this TikTok and OMG this looks like the best beanbag ever.

Would I sleep in it at night? I'm not sure about that, but just to like hang out in and watch TV or read a book? Yeah, I'd drop $500 for that.

Would you sleep in a big dog bed?

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