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Are These The Most Overrated Restaurants in Nashville?

A thread in the Nashville subreddit is picking up steam as people ask "what's the most overrated restaurant in Nashville?"

Obviously Nashville has an AMAZING food scene, and just because a place is a tourist hotspot doesn't mean that the food isn't worth it. But ARE there places in town that aren't worth the hype? Well, here's what a few Redditors think.

Okay, I'll bite on this one. I LOVE Biscuit Love. This is one that I think gets a bad rap because of the long wait. The food is great, and if you do takeout it's totally worth it. But it's not worth standing in line in the Gulch for an hour to eat there. So, I get it, but I'm not quite as bullish on the "overrated" tag.

Rosepepper wins a ton of business because of their signs. And rightfully so. But is the food amazing? Nah, I kind of agree. I prefer Bartaco and Saint Anejo personally. Rosepepper's good, don't get me wrong. But I can totally see this one being "overrated".

I can't speak on this one, as I've never been. But I've heard this repeated to me from multiple people, so I tend to agree.

We're about to fight about this one. I won't take Pharmacy slander in my house. Look, same thing applies here as it does to Biscuit Love. Pharmacy didn't get famous because the food sucks. The food is AWESOME. But very few places are worth waiting an hour and a half for, so I understand. But those Pharmacy burgers are magical, and no one can convince me otherwise.

This is cheating a little because the Palm is a chain, but yeah...TOTALLY overpriced and if you're gonna pay $200 or $300 for a meal, Jeff Ruby's is far superior.

So, there ya go...that's just a taste of what people say is overrated in town. What did they miss? What would you add to the list?

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