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The Worst Things About Being Outside in the Summer

After MONTHS of people whining about being cooped up indoors, we're now on Day 2 of summer, and people are already complaining about it.

There's a new poll that claims HALF of Americans prefer to have fun INDOORS during the summer . . . and it also asked about the WORST parts of being outside in the summer.

A Group Of Friends Helping Themselves To Food At A Summer Barbecue

Photo: Getty Images

The #1 thing people hate is: Feeling sweaty. Dealing with bugs is next, followed by sunburns . . . muggy air . . . and dehydration.

Despite all this MISERY, people ARE going outside. The poll found that the average person can handle being outside five hours a day in the summer. But 38% would opt for less.

55% of people say that it's difficult to plan outdoor activities . . . partially because of the weather, and partially because even if it is sunny, 45% say that it's hard to find something that everyone wants to do on hot summer days.

Oh, and the "perfect temperature" to keep the AC running at during the summer months is . . . 64.  (???)  (Clearly, these people aren't paying the electric bill.)




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