"American Idol" is OFFICIALLY Returning on ABC!

After 13 months being off the air and 15 seasons on Fox, American Idol will have a new premiere date and a new network!!

It OFFICIALLY got picked up on ABC.... Which happens to be the same network that carries "Live with Kelly & Ryan!"

Apparently producers and everyone definitely want Ryan back to host the show!

A source says, ""A reboot without him is almost unthinkable, the fans want the show to come back and they want it with Ryan.”

Apparently Ryan's co-host, Kelly Ripa is ALL FOR him hosting Idol! 

She made it very obvious this morning on 'LIVE' by saying, "Yes you can, you can! I know that you’re busy in the mornings, I get it. I understand its hard doing double duty -- you’ve got the radio show, you’ve got this. But your nights are free you don’t have that much to do. You can do this!  You can disconnect for that! On the days where it is the day after, I will totally ...you won’t even have to think, I will do it all!"

I'm actually really excited to see who the judging panel would be!

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