Konspiracy Theory! Kylie Jenner Was Kim Kardashians Surrogate??

Kim Kardashian announced that earlier in the week that her surrogate gave birth to her THIRD baby with Kanye West! 

Kim was VERY candid on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' that she wanted another baby, but after having multiple problems with previous pregnancies, doctors HIGHLY advised her not to try! SO, that's why they had a surrogate carry their new baby girl!

Here's where the PLOT TWIST comes into play... sources are saying that Kylie Jenner ALSO went into labor over the weekend.. 

A lot of people are SHOOK over the coincidence of timing... Kim Kardashian announced the birth of their third baby... Kylie Jenner was allegedly in the hospital giving birth.. 

MAYBE, just maybe this explains A LOT about Kylie's radio silence during her pregnancy! Kylie has hardly been seen in public OR on social media.. she NEVER confirmed her pregnancy.. I just find it really odd timing wise.. 

ALSO.... I remember Kim saying that she didn't want her surrogate at the baby shower because she hadn't explained it to her kids yet... now to do some digging and see if Kylie was attendance!

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