Best Ways To Save Money On Electric Bill During Winter!

Anybody else's electric bill just ASTRONOMICAL this month?! 

When I read the "balance due" portion I was like... 

WELL.. with these crazy cold temperatures you can just EXPECT a higher electric bill, but I do have a few ways to save some money!

  • Keep your thermostat around 68 degrees ... every degree you turn it up or down is going to represent 3%-5% on your energy consumption! (source WKRN)
  • Weather proof your windows! You can put plastic film over the windows to keep the heat from escaping and the cold weather from seeping in!
  • Blind or heavy drapes can also help the cold air from coming through the glass into the house!
  • You can buy some door sweeps to keep under all your doors OR I remember my mom would always use old towels to keep the cold from coming in under the door!

FOR MORE on how to keep your electric bill down, our friends at WKRN have an entire store HERE!

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