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Nashville Couple SHOCKED When Tom Hanks Responds To Wedding Invite!

I think we ALL dream about inviting our favorite A-lister to our wedding, right?!

-- Like I already have Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift & Beyonce all on my invite list LOL --

This engaged couple from Nashville, Kristen Jerkins & Joe Dobrin, invited TOM FREAKIN HANKS to their wedding! haha 

While it seems like a crazy ask, TOM ACTUALLY RESPONDED!!

He sent them a picture of him holding their wedding invite!

Along with the picture he also sent a letter stating, "Here is a picture of me while I ponder if there is some way I can make it to your wedding."

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it because he's in rehearsal for his play, BUT he did invite them to Santa Monica in June to be his guest to the play!


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