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You Can Get Reimbursed for Pothole Damage To Your Car!

For a while 440 was the only highway needing MAJOR road construction due to an immense amount of potholes!

After all of the salt, snow, ice, and rain almost every major interstate in middle Tennessee is COVERED in potholes... it's like playing Frogger but with potholes haha

Hitting these potholes, especially at a high rate of speed, can cause some SERIOUS damage to your car!


You can actually submit a claim to the Department of Treasury to be reimbursed for the damage that these potholes have caused to your car!

Here's How: 

You need proof of the damage and must get two estimates for the repairs.

The pothole also must be on a STATE ROAD.. so like interstates.. 

Also, The Department of Treasury says it will pay for the damage done to your car if the pothole has already been reported and they have had a reasonable amount of time to fix it..

**quick question, WHAT is their definition of "reasonable amount of time?!"

CLICK HERE to find the claims form on from the Department of Treasury!

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