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Arming of Nashville Teachers Has PASSED It's First Test!

After the AWFUL shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14, there has been a bill introduced proposing to allow volunteer teachers to carry armed weapons for defense!

Of course the different political parties are divided on whether or not to arm volunteer teachers, but the bill passed it's first test yesterday! 

The bill was introduced by Representative Byrd.

Rep. Byrd’s updated bill would allow districts statewide, if they choose, to let some teachers voluntarily carry properly permitted guns in their schools.

It would only allow up to one armed teacher for every 75 students.

I think one of the coolest parts of this bill is that they are asking for 40-hours of training by either public law enforcement or a private certified firearms instructor!

After a LONGGGG conversation, about an hour and a half, the bill passed its first test.

The five Republicans on the committee voted for it and the two Democrats against it.

The bill now goes to the full Civil Justice Committee next week, but it's definitely looking like it's going to be passed!

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