Apparently There Are BENEFITS Of Being Cheated On!

I'm pretty sure we basically ALL have been cheated on at one point in our life... cause people suck, ya know!

Well now there's a study that apparently says there is actually an UPSIDE to being cheated on!

According to a survey, women who go through a breakup because of infidelity end up feeling more self-confident and develop higher emotional intelligence after six months to a year. 

So even though in the moment, you want to take a hammer and smash EVERY window in their vehicle, being cheated on will eventually leave you with “more self-confidence and more self-awareness, and independence in general” and it could even make you better at choosing the right partner next time.

Not that my personal opinion really even matter, but I totally agree with this! I was cheated on in my past relationship and going through the breakup and healing process afterward DEFINITELY made me a stronger, more independent, and confident person! It sort of makes you more tough and refuse to take crap from people!

And researchers point out that on the flip side, the survey suggests that the “other woman” is worse off in the end and won’t have a successful long-term relationship, in most cases. So at least there’s that.

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